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A great and fun game that was fun to play...all it needs is some sounds (that or im deaf) but it truly was a fun game to play and i loved the details like the animals 7/10 (cause i needs the sounds)

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Did you check if the volume was up in the settings? Or was just no sound playing at all?

Hi there, i was curious on how to get to level 3 at the level select menu, If someone can help me PLEASE reply. (I see the platform for the next level but it wont let me climb down the cliff) 

Sorry about that, we can look at making this clearer! If you take this path around you'll be able to reach the third level.


Aww, I love this so much! RPGs are my favourite type of game, and although I'm not usually keen on the tactics style having forest creatures as the main characters won me over!

The story is nice and engaging (darn that too cool for school badger crew!) and really reminds me of an old kid's show / comic called The Animals of Farthing Wood? If you've never heard of it look it up, it's eerily similar to some of the traits in this game (in a good way haha!).

I've started recording my quirky little playthrough of the game, and I'll be back to play more for sure. I thought this was awesome, and you all keep up the great work =)

So I went ahead and played level 2, but everything seems to have gone wonky! The save system stopped working, and the battles weren't activating and then when I tried to go back out of the game and back in to play level 3 I couldn't even load up my game or start a new game.

I redownloaded the game and still couldn't get anywhere, so I'm thinking my computer may have done something dumb... but I will try to get the game up and running again so I can play level 3 because even though level 2 didn't work properly for me I still really enjoyed it haha!

it was a cute little game that honestly just needs some sound to be amazing the art was gorgeous as well as the gameplay 7/10

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Thanks for playing it xD. There should have been sound. Which version were you on and was the whole game silent?

it was the whole game and it was the one that was made 3 days after the release

the art style is amazing!!!


i love this game so much omg

i nearly cried i cry at everything i play but yknow and i'll probably play it a thousand more times. i wish it lasted a bit longer. the controls, graphics and music were really nice. i'm not an expert on games but that's just my opinion. i look forward to seeing more from you guys!


Gave ur game a go :) I didn't beat it but I had fun playing it


I really enjoyed this game. Took me a bit od time to figure out how jeverything worked but when I figured it out I had allot of fun. I didn't run into any bugs, which doesn't normaly happen when playing indie games, so that's a plus. And I would definetly recommend this game to friends. 

is very boring

I would love to try the game. Is there a chance for a Linux build?

We're currently working on a mac version and looking into a linux one after that. It'll be a few days before we manage to get it ready though. 

Awesome! I'll definitely try it :)

Hi! Me and my sister just donated/downloaded the game but it seems there is a problem of some kind with the files, since we can't unzip it properly or install it through app. There seems to be an issue with 'level 5' file in the data folder (can't even unpack it). Help?

We've taken a look at the game and managed to fix what was causing the "level 5" error. Try redownloading the new build and hopefully it should work! Thanks a lot for donating. We really appreciate it.

Hi, I'm excited to play the game. I paid a few bucks for it, but I only have mac, so now it seems like I can't play it. Is there a mac version I can download?

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We're looking into getting a mac version up and running, but we don't have one yet. Thanks a lot for donating, but I suggest refunding it. Sorry for the inconvenience! :)

Hi, Tworavens, I do a small, weekly video game podcast, and we were wondering if you would be willing to be interviewed. We are interested in your game and love the style and how imaginative it is. If you have any free time and would consider a short interview, please email me at I would love to hear from you.


Brian Wegener